We Outsiders organize ecotourism and adventure itineraries with passion, preparation, research and practical experience necessary to offer pleasant and unforgettable moments to each one of those involved.

We have the mission to show to as many people as possible that the comfort zone is not so comfortable and that the best experiences of your life may be well away from the sofa at home.

Monthly we immerse ourselves in cultural experiences, we cross different levels of trails and practice adventure sports through several destinations, in order to interact positively with the ecosystem and with you.

Our team is made up of people with restless minds, who stand out for their passion and affection for people and nature.

We love to realize dreams, to motivate smiles and to provide unique and energetic experiences, mediating them through ecotourism and adventure activities in a safe environment with environmental, social and cultural responsibility.

We create diverse itineraries so that each journey is unique and unforgettable and can awaken not only one but hundreds of lives to the practice of sustainability and the importance of how enriching it can be to tread new paths.

Currently we serve three main segments: Ecotourism and adventure, incentive trips and educational trips and study of the environment.

All our packages are developed with great enthusiasm and care after clear technical visits to define the best of each region, ensuring a safe and differentiated itinerary providing contact with nature, culture and local gastronomy.

We work based on sustainable tourism, promoting conservation of natural and cultural heritage, providing the well being of the populations involved.

We look forward to the opportunity to have you Contesting with us!

If you are already part of this family, embark again on our adventures.

Nosso objetivo é proporcionar maior comodidade, integração, e alegria a vocês forasteiros

Temos pacotes com visitação por todo o Brasil,
para todas as idades, gostos e aventuras.
Esperamos que você seja um dos próximos Forasteiros a trilhar novos caminhos
conosco. Se você já faz parte dessa família, embarque novamente em nossas aventuras.

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